Each gem has its own story

Each jewel has its own history - individual, special and eternal. We tell these stories through our exclusive products. High-quality hand-made jewelry Layla Lux reveals the beauty of each stone and emphasizes the individuality of the owners.

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Each Layla Lux jewellery is unique

Each person in his own way is unique, like the products from Layla Lux Jewelery. There are no two identical stones, there are no two identical people. The product is born and lives a unique destiny.


All of our products are handmade, because only things made with love can serve as real amulets, for those you give them to.


We provide customized services for clients, taking into account any wishes and specifics.

High quality

We work with the most qualified jewelers and gemstone suppliers in the world.

Powerful energy

Precious stones and metals contain a unique energy, emphasizing the individuality of the owner.

Layla Lux masterpieces

Exclusively filled with energy of love

Layla Lux professional jewellers are always at your service. We make each piece of jewellery with love, for you. Our long-standing relationships and connections with suppliers of the best gem stones all over the world allow us to offer our customers unique jewellery and take into account their most demanding wishes.

Family, Love and Kids collection

The “Family, Love and Kids” collection is a novelty among the exclusive handmade jewellery by Layla Lux. We wanted to create something really unique - for truly loved people; for your daughter who is turning 16; for the girl who is going to say “yes” to you; for your life companion who gave you her heart forever. We are willing to make a jewel to meet your wishes. We can also include engraving’s to jewel’s, so it truly provides a personal touch.

Luxury Masterpieces collection

Feelings and emotions are the most valuable things we can give to someone. Our jewels are filled - just like your heart is. It's wrong to give someone an empty heart! Reinforce gold jewellery with gemstones: a green emerald for the heart chakra, a purple amethyst - as a symbol of happiness and health... Or would you like to choose the eternal classic and say "I love you" through our highest quality diamonds?

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Layla Lux creators

"Through unique jewelry, we create unique stories that give your life shine and shades of jewelry stones."

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We are ready to make a unique jewellery product, especially for you, with any engraving, considering all of the special energies of precious jewellery stones and metals.


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